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Tales of mad band

During 2010 winter, in the depths of Angers’s urban jungle, four ordinary musicians met The strange Yaroslav Parpinovich. This mystery traveler, come from Ukraine and arrived up to the Loire country by submarine, told them his long trip spanning all continents, as well as his several reflections from his world tour. Then, Yaroslav had gone, but his stories stayed in musicians’ thoughts, so that all decided to set his tales to music.
So, Tales Of Mad Band was born! Multi-featuring and resolutely independent rock, which navigate between hard rock, psychedelic and punk. Bewitching guitars (Funky Francky and Ken de La Vega) steady by an energetic bass (Dahu Virgolsky) and drum (Drumy Drelon) and accompanied by a multilingual and rock’n’roll singing (Ken de la Vega).