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UkrainSka was released in 2011 and help the band spread internationnaly. Their ska is extremely precise and quickly integrated european DJs playlists.

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01 Zdybanka (Intro)
02 Virno Lubyla
03 Chorni Ochka
04 Oi, mamo, lyubly Gritsya
05 Viter Vie
06 Ishov kozak potaykom
07 Gorilochka
08 Gorila sosna
09 Nese Galya vody
10 Tomy kosa dobre kosyt
11 V vyshnevim sadochky
12 Oi hodyla divchina bereshkom
13 Teche voda
14 Khryshtalevi chashi
15 Verhovyna
16 Smereka
17 Dybku
18 Richenka
19 Tsygany
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