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In 2006, Arno's trombone joins the band, closely followed by Kiki (gogo dancer) and Rabby (live performer). The team then starts a residence to compose what will become the second LP. The performers are a opportunity to work on stage presence, with unfortunate happenings, crazy dances and improvisations. In June 2008, all this mess is burnt on a record with Polizei: as DIY as Ridiculum Vitae, as long (74 minutes, 24 songs, under Creative Commons licence), but more rock'n'roll, with more brass riffs and a improved production.

The recreation concept is still here with 6 bonus tracks, and the band now features a Vladivostok's Adventures part with somes tracks realized with samples from a trip in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The band evoluates to a federative and direct sound. Lyrics are still commited, with a song about Belarusian democracy (Jivie Belarus), security paranoia (Un cercueil en béton armé, T'as tout planqué), or political populism (Rivés sur le trône, Abruti) in a world that has nothing left to hope from a band wearing German policemen's t-shirts...

vladivostok plays with paradoxes to erase the borders and mixes musics supposed to hates each other, ignoring clichés and purism. Mechanical, animal, deshumanized music, pushing nonsense to its limits, far away from leather rock'n'roll posing or bling-bling funk. More than a plagiarizing band, Vladivostok aims at making edgy creations in destination of a demanding, curious audience, looking for strong feelings.

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