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Les Crépuscules de Jean « Sotomayor » Phratélie


Secretly crafted, live tested in 2010 during a unique show, the « J.S.P. » adventure comes to its end: a double album, intense and compact, without any concession.

Three years have passed since «Ce Cri», and Fool Dadaz Fire comes back with his most personal record ever.
Jean-Christophe Folly’s full of moist poetry aims directly at your throat and takes you along for a long journey: a journey you come back from changed forever …

Celestial bum in search of himself, the storyteller of this dark and epic poem doesn’t spare the listeners of any of his inner wanderings, along with doomed cargos, ghosts of “femmes fatales”, humid torpor and bar zincs stained with sudation, blood and exotic liquors.

Music stucks to this 40 pages text: it’s rough. Still tainted with jazz and funk, this is mostly a return to Fool Dadaz Fire’s rock roots.

Let Jean “Sotomayor” Phratélie from dawn to dusk.


Les Crépuscules de Jean “Sotomayor” Phratélie part.I
01 – The Revolution of a Lonely Man
02 – JSP’s Theme
03 – You
04 – My Love is Gone
05 – My Stiffness
06 – Poor Poetry
07 – Where
08 – A Little bit of Anger
Les Crépuscules de Jean “Sotomayor” Phratélie part.II
09 – My Name Is (one)
10 – Nigeria
11 – Duck
12 – Smells Like Dead Grapes
13 – Movie Star
Les Crépuscules de Jean “Sotomayor” Phratélie part.III
14 – JSP’s blue theme
15 – My Name Is (two)
16 – Dragon
17 – On the Zinc
18 – JSP’s theme (reprise)
19 – Not a Word
20 – After a Word
L’Aube de Jean “Sotomayor” Phratélie
21 – Freedom
22 – You Are
23 – L’Atlantique

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