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Released in 2003 under former band name "Mad Heads", Kontakt is a psychobilly/punk album, as the band used to play during its early years.

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01 Kontakt Intro
02 Ne Po Puti (We're Not Going Along)
03 Otruta (Poison)
04 Ne chekaj (Don't Wait)
05 Cyklon (Cyclone)
06 Parallel'nij Mir (Parallel World)
07 Pryvydy (Ghosts)
08 Hot Rod Bugi Vugi (Hot Rod Boogie Woogie)
09 Bruce Willis
10 Vudu (Voodoo)
11 Kozaky (Cossacks)
12 U Mynulomu Zhytti (In Previous Life)
13 Vzhenema (Not Available Any Longer)
14 Svingsajz (Swing Size)
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