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Du Sable Dans Les Poches (Klakomaniak remix)


Sometimes, everything goes up really quickly: a contact through the net, two little gigs together in June '10 and the idea of a split EP is born between Klakomaniak (psychometal from Lille, France) and Sauvage FM (geekpunkmusic from Saint-Herblain, France). Several months later, here's the record : first of all, the original track from Klakomaniak (Du Sable Dans Les Poches), avant-premiere from the first album to be released in early '11, and then two remixes and a bonus track by Sauvage FM, whose first maxi is planned for 2011 too. Metal, dubstep, breakcore, industrial... seems like we didn't forget anything.

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application/zip iconDeuxième volume de la compilation des artistes du label VLAD
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