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Carnaval Illégal


One year after Polizei, Vladivostok is back with Carnaval Illégal, a concept album imagined in Ukraine, where the band was invited to play at a festival supporting Belarusian underground scene. More compact than Polizei (9 tracks / 7 bonus under Creative Commons), this record features 7-minutes long psychedelic metal riffs (Superfétatoire, Cumulonimbus, A terre) and local drunk brass band style (Carnaval illégal, Vraiment pas sympa, Le livre m'a menti). Undergound performance, outlaw dance music stars, creepy showbiz! Yeah!

Derrick's ventripotence, trenchcoats, handcuffs, bludgeons, everything's over: now let's go back to clandestinity. Well, today's cops are quite shy and replaced by fakes even more efficient about control of the masses; so no need to wear a police hat to mock oppressors. Just pretend to be a gangsta to incarnate the Holy Grail! True to themselves (who else?), Vladivostok members take back their disguises and masks to start a fight with fake rebels. And yeah, there are lots of them to kick off!

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03 October 2012


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